Friday, September 9, 2011

September 11

I wrote this 10 years ago after the attacks....

Our enemy has walked among us,
Striking swift and sure.
Hope seems lost with life and peace.
How much can we endure?
Haunting pictures sear our minds,
All innocence is lost.
We've learned the frailty of our lives,
But, why at such a cost?
Empty arms that ache for loved ones
One more time to hold.
Grief stricken faces, broken hearts
Cling to fragile hope.
But from the ashes, more will rise
Than death and pain and grief.
America will stand united
Firm in its belief:
We are a nation under God,
It is in Him we trust.
For sustenance in crisis,
We will turn to Him - we must.
God bless this nation; make it strong,
A light for all to see.
Illuminating freedom
Faith and liberty!

Judie Britt
September 11, 2001
We will not forget.

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