Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mama Needs New Shoes

One of my acquaintances and fun Facebook friends posted tonight, "Rough day? Well, tell Him about it.......then buy new shoes!" Wish I had read that a little earlier - I SO would have gone shopping tonight! Of course, her post was accompanied by a picture of the cutest little wedges...

I didn't make it shopping, but I can certainly fulfill the first part of her statement. And as I sit down to read my daily Bibile reading...trudging through Deuteronomy this week...I come across this gem in 33:27 "The Lord is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms." Rough day? God is your refuge... Too often we look to material possessions, jobs, friends, money, and more for comfort during difficult times. I am certainly not going to deny that a new pair of shoes hasn't superficially gotten me through a crisis on occasion, but they fall into that category of treasures on earth that moths and rust destroy(Matt 6:19). For that permanent comfort that we all crave and that strong refuge that we need to run into, only God will suffice. Shoes wear out, but He will never leave us or forsake us.(Joshua 1:5)

Rough day? Well, tell Him about it...then let Him comfort you and give you peace. Trust Him to take care of the outcome or to strengthen you through what needs to be done. Give it to Jesus....then go get that cute little pair of wedges just for the fun of it!

I am SO going shoe shopping tomorrow....

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