Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jars of Clay

"But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all surpassing power is from God and not from us."  2 Corinthians 4:7

Jars of clay... Why not etched crystal? Or for that matter, what about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? This little light of mine could shine through crystal - and just think what  beautiful pattern it would make glowing through the etched sides. Gold is sparkly and attractive. Everybody just loves gold. So why does it have to be a jar of clay?

In 2 Kings 4, the widow who only had a bit of oil came to Elisha for help. He told her to go and collect jars. Can you imagine what it must have taken for her to go to her neighbors and ask for their jars? They had to know she was in trouble financially. No doubt there was more than one conversation at dinner tables that night about the widow woman coming to ask for jars. I mean, she had nothing to put in them. Whatever, did she want with jars? But she was obedient and she humbled herself and she asked for jars.

The problem with this little light of mine is that it tends to be a bit prideful. Unfortunately, putting it in a crystal vase might make it look pretty for a time, but it will never shine brightly enough to get me out of the way. Gold sparkles, but the focus is the gold and the focus needs to be on the light.

Jars of clay... The finish is dull. They crack and break easily. They don't draw anyone's attention necessarily - but they are functional. They hold oil. And a little bit of oil can fill a lot of jars when God is doing the pouring. Enough to get you out of trouble. Enough to make all your neighbors talk about something besides you.  Enough to let everyone know you had nothing to do with what happened in your life and God had everything to do with it.


I am a jar of clay and I am filled with a treasure. My vessel is incredibly flawed, but God has chosen to fill such a humble container with a priceless cargo. My vessel is broken in places and cracked in others. It sits a little crooked. But out through the top and through the cracks in the sides and through all the broken pieces, a light brighter than this little light of mine shines. It is the glory of God. Though the jar of me does not seem outwardly to be a masterpiece, I am His workmanship (Eph 2:10) and I was created to do good works that He prepared for me to do.

What little thing do I have that God can pour out like oil through me? What good works?
  • I have a little money. I can give to His work. Fund a missionary. Sponsor a child through Compassion.  I can just make it available for whatever he wants to do with it. 
  • I have a little writing ability. I can keep writing this blog and pray that in time at least one person will read it and realize they need Jesus.
  • I have a little teaching ability. I can teach a Bible study and be open to alternative places to have it other than in church. 
  • Best of all, is the little I don't even recognize, yet. The widow knew she had a little oil but she had no idea what she really had until it was revealed to her by the prophet and demonstrated to her by God. The little she had saved her. 
So, I make my jar of clay available and I ask God to do something in me that has no reasonable explanation. I ask God to fill it and to make me humble and obedient when He is ready to pour it out.

I am a jar of clay... 


  1. Love this blog Judie. The little we don't recognize yet (love that) as you said. God continues to reveal to me what I can do with my little oil and I pray that for everyone in this study. Thank you for posting. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

    1. And thank you for your continued encouragement! Judie

  2. I am part of a Women's Conference and our theme last year was "Broken Vessels" God had given one of our women a word and had her draw out clay pots with cracks, holes and even duct taped together. The message was that if we will just come as we are with our cracked pots. He will use us as we are. Beautiful!