Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seasons of the Soul

Larry and I left home yesterday to begin the trek northward to the Tennessee mountains. This is one of our favorite places, but we don't generally journey there this time of the year. What draws us this year is a new grandbaby.

As we are making our way through northern Georgia, the reason we choose a different season is abundantly clear. Although winter is technically over, the landscape is relatively bare. In many places the grass is still brown, trees look dead and leafless. There is a drab lack of color.

We have been this way before. In the spring when the green is especially vibrant and the leaves look particularly tender. We have been this way in the summer when flowers are blooming and wildlife is thriving. We have been this way in the fall when leaves are yellow and gold and red and orange - when the mountains appear to be on fire. We know there is life here - we just can't see it right now.

Life is always a cycle. I recently lost two elderly family members. They had lived long lives and left a Godly legacy as well as a huge family legacy...children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. A life ends and, yet, life goes on.

Larry and I are going to see a new grandchild only a few weeks on this earth. Life begins again.

Our spirit is often the same. We have the spring of a new lesson learned, a sweet and tender time with Jesus. We have summers of activity and wildness when our relationship with God is an adventure to be sure. Then there is the fall when we settle in with wonder and amazement at what He has done.

And, of course, there are the winters. The barren times of the soul when colors are drab and our spiritual lives feel lifeless. But just like the mountains in winter, there is still life here. It is waiting for just the right moment to burst forth in a new spring and the cycle will begin again. We just have to keep living and moving and having our being in Him. (Acts 17:48) This is the time to be still and know that He is God. (Ps 46:10) The time to know that He holds all things together. (Col. 1:16)

We have been this way before...

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