Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One More Thing About CFA, Gay Rights, and Freedom of Speech

I do not usually use this blog as a soapbox, but I have been biting my tongue the last couple of days until I think it is bleeding... AND since I have Freedom of Speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, I can do what I want with it.

Here's the thing. I, too, think the whole Chick fil A thing has gotten out of hand. Before all my conservative, Christian friends fall over in apoplectic fits, let me explain. I think it has gotten out of hand because the issue at the center of the debate has become clouded in all of the anti this or that rhetoric that has resulted.

The issue at the center of the controversy is not gay rights. To my knowledge CFA has never had a discrimination issue and, in spite of a post on Facebook that turned out to be a hoax, they will hire homosexual employees. They do support conservative, traditional family organizations. There are lots of businesses that support LGBT organizations. Any of them in the news this week?

Mr. Cathy was not making a statement on CFA business practice in his interview with the Baptist Press. When asked a direct question regarding his PERSONAL BELIEF about traditional marriage, he stated that he supported it. He also stated that he thanked God that everyone in the Cathy family was still married to their first wife. So, I guess all the divorcees should be up in arms, too. Oh...wait...that includes me....

The issue here is Freedom of Speech, and as such, we should all be concerned about the discussion that has been occurring. I have gay friends and family members some of whom have made remarks on Facebook and in other venues that are in opposition to my beliefs. I don't agree, but I respect their right to exercise their freedom of speech. I have not "unfriended" anyone to date because they have posted a pro-gay comment. Nor have I blasted them for voicing their opinion. I do not want to limit their freedoms of speech because any time we take away the rights of others we lose some of our own. The flip side is - I should be able to express my opinion with the same respect.

Even a writer for Huffington Post (a liberal publication that I read as little as possible because it negatively affects my BP) said that although he staunchly disagreed with Mr. Cathy's comment (yes, he called him a bigot) that he supported his right to make the comment and that he should not be denied the opportunity to open a business anywhere as long as he operates within EOE hiring guidelines.

As I said, I have gay friends and family members. My opinion on their lifestyle (which is no secret or surprise to them) does not affect my love for them as individuals. We have a daughter who is gay. We love her and her partner. We enjoy their company. We have never rejected them or "disowned" them. We pray for them. They are always respectful of our beliefs when they are in our home.

This whole issue is not about being anti anything except censorship. Yes, I support Chick Fil A because I agree with their stand on family values. But mostly I support an individuals right to stand up for what they believe in whether I agree with it or not.

That is all.

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  1. And you know what, Judie? At this time in my life when I need support, my two gay friends took me in and allowed me to cry out to God in their livingroom. How's that for support from the least expected places?