Sunday, July 29, 2012

You Are A Masterpiece!

I have always considered myself fairly creative. I am somewhat musically inclined. I love to draw. There have been times when I did crafts and scrapbooking, etc. and there are things I would love to learn to do better ~ like photography. I also like to can be the judge of my talent in that department.

Tonight, I was reading the first chapter of Genesis and was awed anew at the creativity of our God. Realizing that when He started creating the world - the universe - none of it existed other than in His mind. I look at the hugeness and complexity of our universe - galaxies, stars, solar systems. Then proceed from there all the way down to the smallest particles - cells, atoms, protons, neutrons. Do you have an idea of the complexity of a single cell in your body? Not to mention all the bodies of all the other animals some with very minute differences in cell structures that make them entirely different creatures? And, of course, everything in between. "Who can fathom the mind of God?"

Not only is He creative, He is orderly. Everything created in a specific order so that creation was building upon itself. No living creatures or plants until He had the whole water and light situation worked out.

In the end, on the final day, He said, "Let's make man!" Humankind. I've often wondered why He did this. We have caused Him nothing but trouble from day one it seems. Yet, He did - not out of need but as an expression of His love. After He created man, He looked at all He had done and He thought it was VERY good. I think there should be a much bigger superlative than that there, but I honestly can't think of a strong enough part of speech to describe God's handiwork.

I know a lot of people - most people - including me who struggle with self image. We constantly are down on ourselves because we don't like the color of our eyes, or our hair, or the shape of our rear end, too tall, too get the picture. But God LOVES you! He made you. Criticizing yourself is like criticizing God's handiwork and Genesis 1:31 says God's handiwork is very good. I love a verse in Ephesians 2:10:
"For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do."

Did you know the Greek word for workmanship is 'poema'? Look familiar? It means poem or masterpiece. God is writing His poem on you and on me!

Now, I'm not giving us all permission not to try and improve on things we need to work on. There are always areas for growth and improvement. What I am trying to say is...start where you are and accept where you are today. Ask God to show you places you need to change and then allow Him to write your poem verse by verse. Even the great poets started with blank slates. Know that God loves you just like you are because He made you! You ARE a masterpiece!

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