Friday, August 3, 2012

Kitty Prayers

It is hard for me to pray. For whatever reason I just don't feel I have ever been very good at it. I'm not really sure what " good at it" is supposed to be or if there really is a formula, but it just doesn't come naturally to me. I have heard the sermons, done the journaling series, read books, and on and on.

Over the years, I have come to journal my prayers more than just saying them. Writing is a more natural activity to me than conversing. I know some of you who know me find that difficult to believe, but there it is. I buy a pretty book and really awesome pens (simple things amuse me) and it is so much more enjoyable to sit and write.

And now here's the rub (literally): I have a cat. If you have ever owned a cat, you understand the dilemma. As soon as I sit down with my Bible and a pen or my iPad, she is on top of me. She absolutely adores pens. She chases them, bats at them, chews them, and if is the one I am trying to write with all the better.

If she isn't playing with my pen, she is trying to insert herself between me and whatever I'm working on. Reading my Bible - she's on top of it. Writing in a journal - she is after the pen. Working on my iPad - she is on my lap between my fingers and the screen. Or maybe she is just rubbing against me somewhere, loving me, wanting to be with me.

First instinct is to shove her away so I can continue what I am doing. More often than not, we compromise with her on the arm of the chair or behind my head. Sometimes, I just have to stop and be with her. Hmmmmm.

How like my relationship with God some days. Sometimes, I would rather just push Him aside and get on with my agenda. Could this be having an adverse effect on our ability to communicate? Other days, I compromise. I let God sit close by along as He doesn't interrupt MY journaling or Bible study....or tv....or reading...or....

But what if just put it all down and would just BE with Him. Allowing Him to love me, purring in the lap of His love? What if I just nestled up to Him and loved on Him? Surely our communication would improve...kitty prayers...


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