Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miracle in the Mundane

You sit in an office...staring at a feel like you are living "Groundhog Day" over and over and over... OR you are mindlessly watching the television night after night...barely comprehending what is passing before your eyes and into your ears... The monotony can be mind numbing and depressing.

Then, God gives you a window. It seems like such a little thing - this window - but it opens up a whole new world. A world where the sun breaks through the trees and warms your face. A world where cardinals flit through the tree branches, woodpeckers search every little crevice of the big oak tree for food, and the odd egret or crane may come strolling by. Butterflies are endless.
There are other visitors. The little stray tabby that always seems to have a belly full of kittens. The raccoons that have learned we feed the cats... 
Some days there are no visitors because the rain is relentless. Pounding the glass. Thunder and lightening right on the other side ... of this window.

How easy it is to get caught up in the computer screen and miss what happens just inches from my desk. How easy to get caught up in the drama that happens around me at work. How easy to forget to look and see. Why? Because I see it every day. Because it has become familiar. Because I take it for granted. This window.

How often we treat God the same way. So sure He's there, yet, never taking the time to look and listen. He shows His glory every day. In the nature outside my window. In His Word. In the gentle way He seeks to calm me with His still small voice. How easy to get caught up in the computer screen and miss the fact that He is right there with me all the time. How easy to get caught up in the drama that happens around me and forget that He is in control of every situation. How easy to just forget to stop, and look, and listen for Him. Why? Because His Word has become familiar. Because He is there all the time. Because I take Him for granted.

But He makes me a promise. If I seek Him, I will find Him, if I seek Him with all my heart. (Jer. 29:13) 

To seek Him with my whole heart, I must start my day with Him and end it with Him. I must learn to still myself to hear His voice. I must learn that His glory is not always some radical event, but is in the birds, and the racoons, and the rainstorms. I must ask Him to reveal His Presence to me. Then, in the middle of the work day, I can pause and look out the window and see His creation. When I see the flicker of red in the trees, I can know that He has given me a gift. He is there. When the tension around me becomes overwhelming, I can stop and remember that He is the Prince of Peace. When I seek Him like this, I will find Him and that is the miracle in the mundane.


  1. He IS in the details....even the mundane ones. Thank you for the reminder!